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Oahu, Big EZ, Mini Sport, Endurance XL,

Malibu (Classic and Tour)

Bw -Joyride flow 9'11

Joy Ride Flow™ is the perfect board for your SUP yoga practice and all around paddling.

9'11 x 33"  -  $1349

Tahoe - Bliss 11'6

The new Bliss™ is the ultimate SUP touring board for women. It is a mantra for adventure seekers and yoga sessions, seasoned paddlers and beginners.

11'6 x 30" 24lbs - $1349

Tahoe - Zephyr 12'6

The ZEPHYR is the evolution of Performance Touring, bringing together Stability, Durability and Speed to create a harmonious rider experience.

12'6 x 30"  29lbs - $1399 Sold Out

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BoardWorks -Krakken

Generously wide providing incredible stability for all paddlers.  These boards are a great all-round choice for flatwater.

  11' x 32"  -  $1349  (offered in 2 colors)

Standup Paddle Boards (SUPs)

Tahoe- YoFIT 11'

The inflatable YOFIT™ was created specifically for the popular movement of practicing Yoga on a standup paddle board.

11' x 31"  - $899

Loon Paddle - Lotus 

Specially designed for lakes, rivers and streams.  This board features fruity colors and a double concave bottom giving you better glide and tracking.

11'6" x 32.5"  24lb -  $999

Glide - Quest 2.0 12'6

The Quest is a fast sleek board, designed for touring. Spend your morning cutting through glass at your local lake or exploring the world beyond the horizon. 

12'6 x 30" and 34lbs - $1299

BoardWorks - sirena 

Beauty and function – that is what the Sirena is all about. Perfect for all-around, flat-water paddling.

10'4 x 33"  -  $1349

Boardworks -Muse 10'6

Muse is the perfect all around Stand Up Paddle board for exploring your local waterway no matter where you live.

10'6 x 32"  - $1149

Tahoe -Alpine Explorer

Travel ready touring inflatable board with TRUtrack fin system.  Package includes board, travel back pack, coil leash and high performance pump.

12' x 30" -  $899

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Boardworks - Rukus

A do-it all standup paddle board for the whole family that is versatile, built to take a beating, and last season after season.

10'6 x 33"  -  $999

Loon Paddle - Classic Limited

Specially designed for lakes, rivers and streams.  This board features colorful stripes and a double concave bottom giving you better glide and tracking.

11'6" x 32.5"  26lb -  $1399

Glide - Prowler 12'6

A hybrid crossover between our bestselling Retro and Quest models, this board was designed to carry it all.

12'6 x 33" and 35 lbs - $1299 Sold Out

11' Munoz Regular $1449  SALE $1149​

Tahoe - Rubicon 12'

The stylish new look, durability and organic responsiveness of the Rubicon™ under your feet will keep your paddling progressing for years to come.  

12' x 30"  31lbs  - $1199

Glide - Retro 11' 

The Retro is Glide’s take on the classic surf board design. It allows for fun paddling on flat water, surf, and rivers.

 11' x 32" and 32lbs - $1199 Sold Out

C4waterman Crossover

All paddlers will love this board for its drag-free glide, versatility, and portability. The Crossover eats up the miles but not your shoulders.  10'10 x 29.5"  -  $1399

Glide - Lotus 10'

Stability, ease of paddling, and durability make the Lotus an excellent choice for both yoga and paddling.

​10' x 35" and 27lbs - $1199

Glide - Tackle 12'

Introducing the most stable, sublime and innovative fishing SUP now
on the market, where performance meets function.

12' x 33" and 35lbs - $1349

Tahoe - Paddle Craft 11'

This high capacity but portable board is perfect for fishing, all day adventures, fitness, or getting the whole family on the water.  11' x 31.5"  30lbs  - $999 Sold Out