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Wilderness Systems

Pamlico 135T

This best-selling tandem offers performance for pairs (big or small).

Length 13'6"  Width 31"  Weight 72 lbs.


Perception - Impulse 
When it comes to versatility and simplicity, the impulse makes a great family friendly kayak at an amazing value.

Lengths 10' Width  29.5" Weight 44lbs

Wilderness Systems

Pungo 100, 120, 140
The best-selling Pungo -  impressive balance of manageability, stability, speed, and comfort with ample storage capacity.
Lengths 10,12,14' Weights 47,49,58lbs 

$729, $929, $1029

Wilderness System Ride Max 115 & 135

Everything rec kayakers, anglers and hobbyists dream about: massive capacity and storage, versatile performance and rock-solid stability. Airpro Max Seat

Lengths 11'6", 13'6" Weights 79, 85lbs

$1269, $1349

Perception - Tribe 9.5
The perfect sit-on-top for price-conscious paddlers who love the active lifestyle.

Lengths 9''5" Width  31.25" Weight 46lbs
$509 Sold Out

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 135 & 140

 Tsunami's are wildly popular, versatile touring kayak offering a balanced fit

that all skill levels can enjoy.
Length 13', Width 23" Weight 48lbs

Lengths 14', Width  24" Weight 53lbs
$1399 w/rudder  & $1299

Wilderness Systems  A.T.A.K 120 & 140

​Advanced fishing kayak. Sit or Stand.  Works with the optional Helix Motor Drive.
Length 12'3"  Width 35"  Weight 86 lbs.
Length 14'1"  Width 34"  Weight 95 lbs. 

Starting at  $1649 and $1799


 Large cockpit and premium outfitting are geared towards easy entry and all-day comfort. Our Fusion Hull design offers effortless glide, precise handling and exceptional stability

Lengths 12' Width  26.5" Weight 41lbs

DELTA - CAT 10.5
Delta’s sit-on-top kayak has a unique catamaran style hull that provides great stability, tracking and hull speed making it a breeze to paddle on lakes and rivers.

Lengths 10'5" Width  30" Weight 39lbs


Wilderness Systems - Tarpon 130X
The Tarpon 130X maintains a sleek, speedy, and exceptionally stable platform with modern shaping and abundant fishing features.  Optional Helix Motor Drive.

Lengths 13' Width  32" Weight 72lbs
Starting at $1469

Wilderness systemsAspire - 100 & 105

Solo kayaks great for lakes and rivers.

Length 10'  Width 27.5"  Weight 44 lbs.
Length 10'5"  Width 29"  Weight 48 lbs.

$799, $799

It excels as a platform for fishing and photography and its compact size and light weight makes it an ideal choice to store on the deck of larger pleasure craft

Lengths 10' Width  27" Weight 38lbs


Wilderness Systems - Radar 115
Wilderness Systems’ first tri-powered kayak with paddle, power and pedal capabilities.
Length 11'8", Width 34.5" Weight 82
Starting at $1349

Coming Spring 2018

Coosa HD, Liska, Tupelo 12.5​​


Impulse 10 - $390

Wilderness Systems - Tarpon 100 & 120
The Tarpon is a versatile sit-on-top offers stunning performance for surf play, ponds, lakes, and bays.
Length 10', Width 30.5" Weight 55lbs

Lengths 12'3" Width  30" Weight 63lbs
$749 & $949

Perception - Carolina 12.0
The most versatile touring kayak series ever created with performance for

the day or weekend tripper.
Length 12', Width 26" Weight 49lbs


Perception - Expression 11.5
For anyone seeking a stylish, comfortable boat to take out for an afternoon paddle, the Expression 11.5 is the ideal answer.

Lengths 11'7" Width  25.75" Weight 44lbs

Perception - Tribe 13.5
The versatile sit-on-top design features a three-seat configuration for up to two adults and a small child or pet.

Lengths 13'5" Width  33.75" Weight 67lbs

Perception - Pescador Pro 10
A kayak designed for the avid fisherman. It has all the bells and whistles for a successful day on the water.
Length 10'6", Width 32" Weight 57lbs


Perception - Cove 13.5 (bottom kayak)
Solo Plus sit-in Kayak!  Plenty of cockpit space for a child, the dog

or a bag of decoys.

Lengths 13'6" Width  28.5" Weight 55lbs
$759 Sold Out

Wilderness Systems - Tarpon 135T

The Tarpon 135T offers a fast and nimble tandem paddling experience while remaining highly stable and supremely comfortable, all with strikingly good looks.

Lengths 13'6" Width  34" Weight 88lbs


Solara 120 - Regular $799 Sale $599

Kestrel 120 - Regular $829 Sale ​​$729

The 12s provides speedy and responsive handling. Features include a Press Lock Hatch System, low profile front day-hatch, and multi-position Contour II Seat System.

Lengths 12' Width  24" Weight 38lbs

DELTA - 12.10
The 12.10 is a nimble tripper bound to impress paddlers looking for the perfect combination of versatility, stability and comfort. Same great features as the12S. 

Lengths 12'10" Width  25" Weight 41lbs