Wenonah - Canak 16'

The Canak is the original “hybrid vehicle”. Resembling a kayak in many ways, these boats portage like canoes to offer an on-the-water experience like no other. 42lbs

$2849  (free carrier and cockpit covers)

Wenonah - escape

The Escape is a sleek performance canoe that will paddle well on streams and rivers, as well as larger lakes.

Ultralite - 41lbs -  $2799 sale $2399

Wenonah - Minnesota III

Designed for three paddlers and their gear, the 20' MN 3 travels faster, with less effort than most tandems.

Ultralite - 55lbs - $3199 sale $2749

Northstar - Northwind 16

Our most versatile canoe.  Great for long and short trips, paddling tandem or solo. Go where you want to go!

Starlite 16'6" long and 38lbs,  $2775.

Northstar -Northwind solo

A solo canoe great for lakes, rivers or rapids, the NW Solo will lift your spirits every trip on the water. Dog not included.

Starlite 15'6" long and 28lbs, wood trim $2770

Paddle Hoppers

Paddle Sport Store - Grand Rapids, MN

Northstar - Northwind 17

Our most popular tripping canoe (17'6").  Remarkably maneuverable and reassuringly stable.  Two Layups, Blacklite 42lbs $3175 & Starlite 40lbs $2775.